A Little Glimpse Into Our Trip Through Italy

We are back stateside after a wonderful trip through Italy with my entire family, 24 of us! Celebrating my grandpas 80th birthday and heritage tour. We traveled to several cities- Venice, Florence, Italian & French Rivieras, Lucca, Siena and even my great grandmothers home town, Poviglio. By far, our favorite was Cinque Terre, meaning “5 lands,” Manarola pictured here! 




“Unbelief continually asks, “How can this be possible?” It is always full of “how’s,” yet faith needs only one great answer to even ten thousand “how’s.” That answer is—GOD!” -Streams in the Desert

I’ve been amazed by the beauty and glory seen through this trip, these places, Manarola case in point. The architecture, history, culture, geography, storylines and of course food (even GF bread/pasta, gelato, caprese, prosciutto, Italian vino), seeing God’s handiwork in all of it.  How can this be possible, simply visible in God’s creation. 


Happy to be home with full hearts, feeling so blessed by these beautiful places and wonderful time with family. So much more to come- photos, blog posts, stories. So grateful!