Why I Decided to Launch My Website & Blog This Week

You might be wondering why all of a sudden I decided that I'm going to launch the Refined Heart Living website & blog this week on FRIDAY? I attended the Global Leadership Summit last week which left me feeling so fired up & encouraged. The summit encouraged us to take time to reflect on our notes and create an action plan, to lead a life worthy of our calling for we have been called by God (Ephesians 4:1). As I was reflecting, one of the things I felt so convicted on was that I need to launch my website & blog this week and felt in my heart that maybe even this Friday!


One session of my notes from Juliet Funt was on creating strategic pauses in our days "white space" to allow room for innovation, strategy, reflection, creativity- the oxygen that helps fan that spark into a flame (Refined Heart!) She mentioned 4 thieves of productivity, all things innate in our character but when taken too far can steal from productivity. One of the thieves that resonated with me was excellence. When excellence is taken to far it can lead to perfection. In order to prevent, create white space, and simplify we must ask the question of "when is 'good enough' good enough?" This convicted and prompted me to move forward with the launch (with little planning) 

I've been working on my website & blog for a few months, the vision keeps unfolding but I know it will be continually evolving as the Lord continues to reveal things and refine my heart in the process. Perhaps what convicted me the most though was the question, "Who am I missing out on blessing by not pressing go and waiting till it's perfect and EXACTLY how I want vs just saying "good enough" and letting the Lord move!" So I'm like okay let's do this, Lord. I'm hoping to continue to make a few changes this week, build some momentum on social media including sharing my heart & vision and then on Friday PRESS GO, and accept that it's "good enough." To fully Let Go and LET GOD, trusting Him to do the work. Practicing grace not perfection here!